Features of the Ad2Go Software.

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Access it all in the cloud

Access and manage all your clients jobs online; anywhere, anytime.

Key benefits

  • Invite other members of your team to join Ad2Go. Now you can work collectively on all your jobs, no matter where you’re based.

  • Simply manage the progress of your job, so at a quick glance you can see where everything is up to.

Secure file storage

Upload your client’s assets from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram or website and access it all on the Cloud; anywhere, anytime.

Key benefits

  • Invite your client to upload their assets directly into their client library or onto a specific job in Ad2Go.

  • Store overall client files; such as logos, brand and hero imagery, logo and brand guidelines images into the client library.

  • Store imagery, video files, artwork, documents and any other files that relate specifically to the job, into the job library.

  • 3rd party production teams will have seamless access to these files, to produce quality content.

Creative module

A creative module that does it all.

Key benefits

  • Write your audio and visual scripts directly in Ad2Go.

  • Share your scripts to your client for review or approval.

  • Send the approved scripts to your selected audio company to be voiced.

  • Upload those voice over audio files for you to listen, review or approve.

Clear communication

Communicate with your client and 3rd party production teams through Ad2Go and keep a record of your conversations.

Key benefits

  • Easily look back at previous communication.

Share and Approve

Share the creative with your client. They will be able to view, make change requests and approve the creative directly through Ad2Go. Leaving you with a solid confirmation to proceed.

Key benefits

  • Receive change requests from your client in the comment tab.

  • Receive confirmation when a job is approved. Time and date stamped.

Top-notch Security

In the age of consumer security, Ad2Go is focused on creating a secure cloud-based storage and workflow system for all your media needs. Your data is encrypted and secured in the cloud and you choose who can access your creative projects.

Stop worrying about losing data, hundreds of hard drives or expensive backup solutions. With daily backups and data replication, all your projects are safe and secure in the cloud. Forever.

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